Cleaning and soothing detoxifying facial mask

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Immediate and long-lasting hydration, regeneration and detoxification of the skin, which after using the mask is velvety smooth with a visible reduction in wrinkles

Skin hydration
Reduces acne symptoms
Skin regeneration
Skin detoxification
Reduces swelling
Visible reduction in wrinkles

The EnteFace mask is suitable for all age categories and skin types in particular thanks to the following ingredients:

Purified water read more
Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil read more
Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil read more
15,00 €
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Panthenol read more
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powde read more
Methylsilicic acid hydrogel read more

Best practice when applying an EnteFace mask

Apply a sufficient layer of the skin mask even with your fingertips on washed and dried skin.
Let it work for 20 minutes and then wash the mask off with warm water.
Now you can apply a skin cream appropriate for your skin.
We recommend applying the mask every three days.

Our products

Koloidní stříbro sprej 100 ml
Koloidní stříbro sprej 100 ml
4,00 €
15,00 €
AKCE - Sada Koloidní stříbro sprej 100 ml + Enteface 50 ml
AKCE - Sada Koloidní stříbro sprej 100 ml + Enteface 50 ml
12,00 €

Customer experiences

I have the mask, and I'm very happy with it


I had a mask and it was fine. I can say that my skin is softer and calmer after the mask. I didn't notice any cleansing effects in terms of removing blackheads, for example, but I cleanse my skin regularly using oil cleansing, so there probably wasn't much more to cleanse.


This mask is absolutely fabulous!

Dana Urban

Good evening. I did the mask on Sunday and today, Thursday, my skin is still moisturized and soft. I am very pleasantly surprised. Thank you so much for letting me try it.

Martina König

Hello, I tried the EnteFace mask, it's great, left my skin soft. Thank you


I tried the mask, it was very pleasant


I had the pleasure of trying the detoxifying face mask and I can only recommend it to everyone. After my previous experiences with other masks that felt watery and liquid on me, where they often ran down my fingers and when you applied it closer to my eyes, your eyes started to burn, I am maximally satisfied here. The mask feels like it has scrub in it, there are tiny particles in it, it smells lovely, it doesn't irritate the skin and eyes, and it's thick yet applies and massages into the skin beautifully. For me, it's the best one I've tried so far. Top!

Blanka Gotzova

So I tried a detox mask. After the first feelings of inappropriateness that I, as a man, somehow shouldn't, I have to admit that it was really nice and my shaved face felt good. Guys, like there's really something to this! And it made me look unusually relaxed… I guess I'll say it again next time.


Hi! I am satisfied with the mask. I use it 1–2 times a week. Since it has such a gel-like consistency, you only need a little, and it spreads nicely all over my skin, so even that pack lasts me a long time.

I like the pump dispensing form – it's as hygienic as possible, it doesn't clog around the edges, and it doesn't make a mess. It's easy to apply, it doesn't feel sticky and heavy on the skin. The consistency is just right – not too runny-that the mask doesn't run down my face, but not too thick that it's hard to apply. When massaging, you can feel fine exfoliating particles in it. I leave it on for about 20–25 minutes, meanwhile, it dries on my face, but my skin doesn't feel uncomfortably tight or taut. I then wash it off with water. My skin always feels and looks softer, smoother and pleasantly hydrated after use.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the application, the effects but also with the formula. I studied it as soon as it arrived and was surprised by how many great ingredients it contains, such as argan oil, macadamia oil, panthenol, aloe vera, etc. I appreciate that it does not contain perfume. Furthermore, I also like the minimalistic yet elegant design.

Thank you for the opportunity to try it and I can certainly only recommend it, my skin is always very pleasant and soft after it.

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